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Values of company

The success and worldwide recognition of Erich Krause rest on values, that have been the guiding star for the founders of the since the early stages of the company’s development. The world has been rapidly changing throughout the history of the company but the core corporative values remained intact.


Rapid development, aspirations to upgrade every single aspect of work, constant search for new ideas and innovative approaches, as well as their implementation represent fundamental core of Erich Krause. Our main goal is to achieve the expected results, to ensure that our consumers use our products with pleasure, and this objective inspires us to keep improving our production and to become leaders of the international industrial standards.


Designing, producing, checking and carrying out tests of every single product we work carefully on every detail, consider every possible way of using, and examine a slightest opportunity for enhancing the product.

Care for children

Safety of production and its conformity with ecological requirements is one of the elements of Erich Krause corporative standard. Special attention is paid to the goods for kids, which are strictly examined for health safety in laboratories both within the company and European certifying centers.


Every product of Erich Krause is a result of efforts and hard work of real profs who put spend every effort and use all their experience in their work, and which we are sincerely proud of. Our work rests on modern technologies and progressive methods of management.

Respect and feedback

The production of the company Erich Krause is safe and reliable, modern and functional, which is the basis of our respectful treatment of our clients. We have social responsibility for the results of the activities and promises made to our consumers. Respect and careful consideration of the needs of an individual in his self-realization via his career, job and creative work is the foundation of our activities that result in mutual respect and recognition worldwide.

Preserving the nature

Erich Krause considers ecology and environmental protection as one of the key priorities in designing and creating products of its own brands. Erich Krause advocates for protecting and preserving rain- and other natural forests and respective ecosystems of the planet. Producing a number of products, such as pencils, we use only renewable cultivated wood of artificially planted plants. Moreover, the company is constantly searching for eco-friendly innovative materials of a new generation and non-waste technologies and introduces them in the process of production. Packages for our goods are to a large extend produced from recycled materials.